Are Telescopic Ramps Right for You?


Telescopic ramps are an option for many, but not all, wheelchair and scooter users. Telescopic ramps feature two thinner ramps that sit next to each other. If you own a wheelchair, the right side wheels would travel up the ramp’s right portion while the left side wheels travel up the left side ramp. The two ramps are independent of each other.

Key Benefits of Telescopic Ramps

There are several reasons why you may want to consider telescopic ramps over other types.

  • In most cases they are highly affordable ramps.
  • They also slide out to meet the length you need, giving them the flexibility to deal with great majority of circumstances you‘re likely to confront. This also allows the ramps move from place to place to accommodate virtually any situation necessary from steps to curbs and more.
  • Telescopic ramps are often durable, but lightweight. This is a key benefit for many people who need to take these ramps from place to place quickly and efficiently. Plus, keep in mind that these ramps adjust as you need them to. Choose those that are made of heavy-duty aluminum for the best combination of affordability and durability.
  • Selection options are numerous. You can select between the right widths and lengths available. You can also select the right weight capacity, based on what your particular needs are.
  • Because the ramps are two separate options, those with larger widths in wheelchairs can easily be accommodated. More so, if you have several ramp sizes or needs, these ramps can work well for hose particular needs.

Keep in Mind with Wheelchair Van Telescopic Ramps


When you are purchasing telescopic ramps, try to keep in mind that the design of these ramps can provide benefits or problems. For example, any wheelchair or scooter with a middle wheel may be unable to navigate this type of ramp. Additionally, they are not designed to serve as  permanent ramps and they do slide from place to place. Look through the specifications of any type of telescopic ramp to ensure that they offer the best possible option.

In most situations, individuals will find that telescopic ramps are a good investment.. A variety of models and sizes are on the market. Most are easy to use and durable. They offer a temporary solution to mobility needs or can serve as long-term tools that provide ultimate portability.