Is the Channel Ramp for You?


Selection of Channel Ramps

Channel ramps are an option for those who need aid with either wheelchairs or scooters, depending on the product you purchase. Several companies offer this type of ramp, though each ramp may be a bit different from the next.

What Are Channel Ramps?

This particular type of ramp features channels, or specific areas where the wheels of the wheelchair will run up. Rather than being a full, wide ramp, these feature two channels that run from the higher point to the lower point. The key to remember here is that the two portions of the channel ramps are separate from each other. In some circumstances, this is a better option than wider ramps.

Channel ramps are often a good option for areas where there is a short or low incline that needs to be overcome, such as over a few steps or into a van. However, they should be secure in their design to ensure that they do not slip off the high point as the wheelchair or the scooter pushed up it.

Are Channel Ramps Appropriate?

Channel ramps are a unique design from most other forms of wheelchair ramps or scooter ramps. Because they have a divide down the center, they may be inappropriate for anyone who has a wheelchair that has a center wheel (such as having a center, front wheel instead of two front wheels. However, in other situations, if the appropriate ramp is selected, these ramps can work very well.

  • Select a channel ramp that is lightweight yet durable. Lightweight ramps are necessary since most channel ramps are portable. You will likely move them from place to place often. However, they need to be durable enough to handle the weight of the wheelchair or scooter.
  • Ensure they offer a nonskid tread. This prevents injuries and accidents from the wheelchair or scooter slipping or tipping over.
  • The width of the channels themselves is important. Ensure that the width is appropriate for the wheelchair or scooter you own.
  • Select ramps that offer a weight capacity able to withstand both the person and the weight of the chair.

It is best to select durable, high quality channel ramps instead of inexpensive products that may not last long. Also, compare the features of these ramps to ensure they provide the safest way to move the wheelchair or the scooter from the ground up the ramps.