Portable Ramps for Enhanced Mobility


A portable ramp can be a great way to improve mobility for those who use wheelchairs. These ramps range in design from simple, single-piece units to complicated and elaborate options.

Before you make a purchase, it is essential that you understand your options in terms of style, size and overall use.  Buying the right portable ramp can significantly enhance your mobility.  Purchasing the wrong model, on the other hand, may leave you unable to get the most out of your investment.

Portability Needs

Define your portable ramp needs before you begin your search. How will you use this ramp?

  1. Some ramps are ideal for overcoming small bumps and steps only.
  2. Some ramps work well for access into slightly elevated vehicles.
  3. Access to wheelchair minivans or full size vans requires a specific type of ramp that properly elevates and latches.
  4. Do you want the ramp to be portable from vehicle to vehicle?
  5. Do you have a budget range into which the ramp must fall?

Once you have a good understanding of the type of portable ramp you need, the next step is to select a ramp from the extensive collection of available options.

Ramp Selection Options

Consider the following types of portable ramps. These are among the most common styles available:

Suitcase Ramps: This particular type of ramp is easy to pack up into a suitcase-like container. You simply open and latch it in place when its needed. You can easily move it from place to place for universal, basic access. Suitcase ramps work well for porches and raised landings.

Multi Fold Ramps: M fold ramps work well to provide access to vans, minivans and some types of raised landings. These portable ramps will fold up to allow you to move it from place to place. The multi fold design can provide the length necessary for entry to and exit from vehicles.

Roll Up Ramps: These ramps are one of the better options because they allow for easy use. They can be quite useful to those in wheelchairs and scooters of all types. Roll up ramps work well for shorter steps, curbs and for access into most minivans and full size vans.

Telescopic Track Ramps: This type of portable ramp is one of the more commonly used for access into and out of a full size van. They also work well with smaller vans. They features two individual tracks that extend outward and lock into place.

Considering each of these portable ramp options and determine which variation best accommodates your specific needs.