Portable Suitcase Ramps Work for Many


Portable suitcase ramps are an option for those who need to easily move ramps from place to place. As its name implies, this type of ramp simply folds up and is carried much like a suitcase would be carried. You can then easily pick the ramps up and move it from place to place. This type of portable suitcase ramp is usually an affordable, easy to use option.  It may lack the durability for primary use, but it does offer a great deal of convenience and flexibility.

When buying a portable suitcase ramp, there are several things to keep in mind as you compare the available options.

What is the ramp folding process?
Does it offer protection? One of the largest complaints about these ramps is that it is easy to pinch fingers in the process of folding the ramp. The aid should be easy to fold while still being safe.

How long is the ramp?
Many portable suitcase ramps are available in sizes as short as two feet and as long as eight feet. Take into consideration the length you need by measuring the various distances of steps, lengths into the van or over curbs.

How is the ramp assembled?
Some of the least expensive models are the most difficult to set up. Consider those ramps that snap into place, for example. Others are hinged and simply fold out. In most cases, a simple assembly process is the best option.

What is the weight limit?
Keep in mind that wheelchairs and scooters can be heavy themselves. However, there are ramps with capacities up to 800 pounds, or more. Ensure you purchase a ramp that accommodates the necessary amount of weight.

Does it offer treading?
Some of the higher quality portable suitcase ramps offer a superior form of traction or treading. This keeps the wheelchair from rolling back or even slipping if it is wet.

What is the portable ramp made of?
The material does make a difference for several reasons. First, you want the material to be durable, to withstand all of the bumps and bruising that can easily happen. In addition, you want the material to be lightweight enough for easy carrying. A good option is aircraft grade aluminum.

Purchasing portable suitcase ramps is a smart option for many people because of their convenience. However, purchasing a quality product is just as important. Do take the time to look at several models before selecting the one in which you’ll invest.