Power Chair Ramps for Your Mobility Scooter or Chair


Power chair ramps can accommodate the size and weight of the larger mobility scooters and power chairs. These chairs often include extensive mechanics, which can significantly increase their weight.  In turn, that creates a need for a strong ramp into vans or other vehicles.

If you were to purchase many of the other types of available ramps for your power chair, you may find your selection unable to withstand the wear and tear of regular use.  Additionally, you could experience a dangerous ramp failure at any time.

Options in Power Chair Ramps

The good news is there are a number of manufacturers offering power chair ramps, or ramps capable of handling heavier mobility chairs. Keep in mind that these ramps may also be acceptable for use in entering buildings or getting up curbs.

Single Fold Ramps: These one-fold ramps are easy to put into place. They are a good choice because they are a nearly solid surface, making them extremely durable. They can be less expensive than other ramp types, too.

Multiple Fold Ramps: These have a design for easy of storage and carrying. They fold up multiple times into a handy size. Some feature a handle on them and are no bigger than a piece of luggage. Do check a multiple fold ramp’s weight limit before making an investment.

Threshold Ramps: Threshold ramps are often small and thin. They provide for a slight ramp leading into and out of rooms and doorways where there is a slight edge. It will be important to look for a sturdy version to withstand the weight of the power chair.

Roll Up Ramps: Perhaps the most flexible of options is the roll up ramp. They do roll up neatly to allow the ramp to be easily put in place or taken down.

Rear Access Ramps: When the mobility chair or power chair will be in the back of the van, you can select a specific rear access ramp. This ramp is longer, allowing for the angle necessary for safe entrance and exit.  These ramps may be available as solid ramps, which can provide optimum strength and durability.

Do select power chair ramps based on their ability to accommodate your chair’s weight, width and height. Look for products that are durable and long lasting, but that are also easy to put in place and to store. With these ramps, purchasing a quality product ensures a long life of easy use.