Roll Up Ramps and Their Benefits


Roll up ramps provide users with a few added bonuses when compared to other types of wheelchair or scooter ramps. These ramps do cost a bit more, but that is made up for with increased ease  of use and overall versatility. If you are considering an investment in a roll up ramp, there are a few things you need to look for before buying.

What to Look for in Roll Up Wheelchair Ramps

Keep the following in mind when purchasing these ramps.

1.   The ramps should have the length and width necessary to accommodate the wheelchair or scooter comfortably.

2.   Check the weight capacity of the ramp. Factor the weight of one or two people plus the weight of the wheelchair or scooter.

3.   Look for roll up ramps made of durable material. You need durability but also a lightweight product here.

4.   Select roll up ramps offer easily carrying and installation. Many roll up quickly and provide a strap or handle for you.

5.   Determine how much space these ramps require when they are rolled up. For example, you may need a smaller roll to place in the back of your van.

Benefits of Roll Up Wheelchair Ramps

Roll up ramps are a great option for many reasons. If they accommodate the type of wheelchair or scooter you own, they may be your best option. In particular, they offer the following benefits over other types of ramps.

  • The ramps are easy to move from place to place, making them very portable. This gives you more flexibility than other products would provide.
  • You can easily roll up the ramp and store it in the back of a van for use when you need it. Their ‘take anywhere” style is impressive. You may even be able to take them with you to the airport, if needed.
  • They are also inexpensive compared to full size ramps.
  • Most are very simple to use. You do not have to invest a lot of time into putting them in place or taking them down.

The biggest factor to keep in mind when buying roll up ramps is a product that is durable and well made. Look at the construction of the ramp to ensure it meets all of your particular goals. It should also provide you with a long life. Look for any applicable warranties available for the ramps as well. For those that choose them, you can expect convenience.