Accessible Vehicle Ramp Selection


Vehicle ramps have been constantly improving and their producers have become increasingly innovative.  The result has been marked improvements in easy of use and the flexibility to handle a wide range of situations.

Vehicle ramps allow a wheelchair or a power chair to roll up into a van. Most are easy to install and you should be able to configure them to handle almost any chair or scooter.

Ramps also tend to be much less expensive than most wheelchair lifts, making them doubly attractive to those trying to obtain top-notch accessible transportation on a budget.

Selecting the Right Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Ramp

Here are a few important facts to consider when choosing a vehicle ramp:

Equipment Variables: Choosing the right ramp is based, in large measure, on the vehicle involved.  Different ramps work better with different vehicles.  It’s also essential to know the make and model of the wheelchair involved.  That’s the only way to insure that size requirements are met and that you won’t be exceeding a particular ramps weight limit.

Length: The length of the vehicle ramp is also important. Select a ramp that provides sufficient length for ease of entry and exit from the vehicle. Most manufacturers recommend a 1:12 ratio. This means that for every inch in height to be achieved, there should be 12 inches in ramp length. However, if you plan to use the ramp for unoccupied wheelchairs or scooters, it is possible to increase the degree of incline.

Weight Limitations: Next, consider any limitations on the vehicle ramp for weight. Calculate not only the weight of the individual, but the weight of the wheelchair or scooter (and potentially the person behind them) as well. Many people make the mistake of purchasing a ramp that can’t handle the real weight involved with wheelchair use.

Access: The way in which you will access the van with the ramp also matters. A side door van ramp or rear door ramp are good options, but both are difference in their design. If you have a minivan or SUV, you may need a hitch-mounted ramp.

Vehicle ramp selection is an important part of optimizing accessibility and convenience. Fortunately, the growing number of types and sizes of ramps almost guarantees that a smart consumer will be able to find what he or she needs.