Selecting the Right Wheelchair Van Ramp or Lift for Your Needs


A variety of factors play a role in which type of wheelchair van ramp or lift you place into your home. Some products offer more flexibility. Others have a higher cost. Your particular situation should determine the type of ramp or lift you place into your vehicle. This individual decision should take into account the wide range of products on the market. However, do not overlook the simple benefit of installing any of these ramps or lifts: they provide mobility.

Ramp Types and Uses

The following are some of the most commonly made available wheelchair van ramps.

Portable Ramps

Made of heavy-duty aluminum, these ramps are a great option for those who need portability. In other words, if you need the ramp to move from one place to another, quickly and easily, select portable ramps. This term is often in use to describe a wide range of van ramps.

Manual Ramps

Manual ramps work well for most people with vans. They are in place by someone to use and then moved when not in use. The direct opposite of this form of ramp is a typical powered ramp. However, most manual ramps are still easy to use. They simply require proper lifting and positioning to work.

Powered Ramps

Powered ramps function based on an electronic motor. With the touch of a button, for example, the ramp lowered into place. Some are more elaborate than others. They are more expensive, but do provide the flexibility many people need.

Portable Suitcase Ramps

Like other types of portable ramps, these are easy to move from place to place. Their name is a description of how you can carry them. The ramps may tuck into each other or fold together. They often feature a handle on the side to allow you to carry them as a large piece of luggage.

Power Chair Ramps

When purchasing a ramp for a power chair, it is critical to factor in several things, including the weight and size of the power chair. Wide widths are often necessary for these types of power chairs. Ramps that accommodate them are also widely available.

Vehicle Ramps

Vehicle ramps are a type of ramp designed specifically for a vehicle, rather than those ramps that are interchangeable between vehicles and steps or paths. For those with a van or minivan, selecting this type of ramp is best since it offers a better level of security.

Universal Van Ramps

Universal van ramps accommodate most vans. They may be interchangeable from one van to the next, or from one door opening to the next.

Side Door Van Ramps

These van ramps have a specific design to work well with the side door of a vehicle, as opposed to the back door.

Rear Door Van Ramps

These van ramps fit well for the back door of vans or minivans.

Hitch Mounted Van Ramps

These ramps are a good fit for those with an SUV or minivan that has a hatch like backdoor. This allows the ramp to fit in place properly in these types of vehicles.

Scooter Ramps

Like power chair ramps, this term simply defines not a specific type of ramp, but a ramp that can accommodate a scooter. Look for size and weight limitations on these ramps.

Wheelchair Ramps

Any type of wheelchair ramp is one that may accommodate a wheelchair.

Folding and Multi Fold

Some ramps will fold into a smaller portion, for easy use in moving the ramp from place to place. Suitcase ramps fit into this category.

Telescopic Ramps, Channel Ramps and Track Ramps

These terms describe ramps that have two ramps, one per side of the wheelchair. These are inexpensive and effective ramps for portability and for versatility.

Roll Up Ramps

Roll up ramps allow you to roll them up when you finish using them and store them in smaller places. They are convenient for storage and portability.

Threshold Ramps

This particular type of ramp allows you to overcome differences in the height of a threshold, such as a doorway or a smaller step.