Scooter Ramps: Selection Considerations


Ramps provide individuals with the ability to be more mobile than they might be otherwise. However, not all ramps are suitable for a scooter or mobility chair. There are specific concerns  that need taken into consideration when selecting a scooter ramp.

There are several options for those using scooters. In one option, a van may convert to provide service to those in mobility chairs. Van conversions, as they are called, can be expensive, however. A more popular option, then, is a modular wheelchair ramp or a portable wheelchair ramp that can accommodate the scooter.

Features to Look for in Scooter Ramps

The following are some of the key features individuals should look for when purchasing scooter ramps.

1.   Portable ramps are very common since they go with the individual and allow easy access out of a minivan or a full size van. However, not all are the same. Look for portable ramps that are easily enough to lift and install from place to place.

2.   Select scooter ramps designed to accommodate the actual length needed. The common ratio to use is to have 12 inches of length for every one inch the surface is elevated from the ground. The length of the ramp may need to be longer to accommodate a person sitting in the scooter when placed into the vehicle or not.

3.   Weight capacity is also a factor. Some of the best quality scooter ramps have a weight capacity of up to 700 pounds. Factor in the weight of the chair and the person here, at least.

4.   Traction is another factor. Scooter ramps need to have enough traction to keep the wheels of the scooter from slipping or sliding. Some ramps have holes for easy drainage and weather protection. Others have a nonskid surface to them.

5.   Strength and durability also play a role in the selection process. Consider those scooter ramps capable of regular use or as needed. Determine if there is a warranty. Look for ramps without any welds.

Each of these factors is critical to keep in mind as you shop for an appropriate scooter ramp for your loved one. Competitive pricing is also a factor for many. Luckily, you can get a quality scooter ramp at an affordable price, even with these features listed here.