Track Ramps Can Be a Good Investment


For those with wheelchairs or scooters, track ramps may be a good investment. These ramps may not fit with everyone’s particular needs, however.

For the right people, they serve as an inexpensive and highly effective type of ramp. In most situations, these ramps are easy to install, easy to use and they have a long lifespan.

Not all products are the same, though. It is important to consider how well the ramps work in your individual situation.  You‘ll also want a track ramp that meets the highest possible standards.

How Track Ramps Work

Track ramps are narrow ramps that run from the base up to the higher portion. They are individual wheel ramps, meaning that the ramps only hold one side of the wheelchair or the scooter’s wheels. Two track ramps are in use next to each other, with appropriate separation. This allows the ramps to be very flexible in terms of placement and storage.

Why Buy Track Ramps?

Track ramps offer a number of potential beneifts:

  1. They are one of the least expensive options on the market for both wheelchair ramps and scooter ramps. They also work well for those who have other wheeled equipment to move.
  2. Track ramps are highly portable. Some fold into a smaller section while others break into pieces. In almost all situations, they have a handle on the side so that you can pick them up and move them from place to place.
  3. Most track ramps offer adequate length. That length can come in handy for those who need flexibility. For example, the length may be less while going up a few stairs at home than it would be to get into a van from a curbside. These ramps can accommodate virtually all needs.
  4. Most offer no difficulty in installation. Track ramps are among the easiest wheelchair ramps to install.
  5. They are durable and can hold up to 600 pounds (sometimes more depending on the brand).  In addition, if you select a heavy-duty aluminum product, he ramp will remain functional for several years.

Track ramps offer the versatility that other types of ramps do not. However, they do not work in all situations.  Be certain that your wheelchair or scooter will work with this type of ramp before selecting it. Also, carefully consider your personal length and width needs.