Helping the Disabled Driver With a Wheelchair Ramp


A wheelchair van is only as good as the means one has to enter and exit it.  The best van in the world will be of limited utility if the user finds it hard to get in and out.  There are many different options to handle the situation.  Many people find that a wheelchair ramp offers the perfect solution.

One can mount a ramp on the back of the vehicle or in front of its side door, depending on the model under consideration and personal preference.  The choices in location are swamped by the choices in actual ramp structure.

You can find a wheelchair ramp in any one of countless designs.  Those who need a portable, lightweight option can take advantage of folding and multi-fold units.  There are even models that collapse into a container the size and shape of a suitcase.  There are telescoping models and track models that consist of two runners (one for both wheels on the wheelchair).  You can get long, heavy-duty models, ramps that stow under the vehicle and just about any other kind of ramp you can imagine!

Wheelchair ramps are made of metal.  In most cases, their made of a high-grade aluminum that’s fortified with other ores for maximum durability and weather resistance while maintaining a lightweight.  Prices vary considerably based on the makes and models under consideration, but in all cases ramps are the most economical option for getting in and out of one’s vehicle.

Wheelchair lifts tend to be more durable and they allow people go get in and out of a vehicle more easily.  However, powered lifts are much more expensive than ramps and some users simply don’t need an “industrial strength” option to meet their needs.  They can get by without the “gold standard” when it comes to getting in and out of their vehicle.

If you’re working within tight budgetary restrictions, you may want to consider a ramp.  That’s also true if portability is a chief concern or if you don’t plan on making frequent use of your wheelchair van.  The combination of flexibility and price continues to make wheelchair ramps a popular accessibility choice.