Hitch Mounted Van Ramp


Hitch mounted van ramps attach to most hatch open minivans, vans or SUV’s. Some also work on split rear doors as well. Because of the configuration of these doors, selecting a hitch mount van ramp may be a good idea, especially for those in need of a sturdy, durable van ramp. The ramp attaches to the vehicle properly and securely, to ensure safety.

Benefits of Hitch Mounted Van Ramps

If you are interested in purchasing a ramp for your van, the rear-mounted option is definitely worthy of consideration, especially in the hitch mounted style. It is an ideal way for you to load your power chair, scooter or your wheelchair into the rear portion of the van. There are several benefits associated with the use of these ramps.

  1. Because of the design of the hitch mounted ramp, it is easy to place the wheelchair or scooter into place. The strength of the ramp supports the weight of the chair properly.
  2. Many people find that the hitch mounted van ramps are also easier to use than standard ramps. Standard ramps are often clumsy and heavy. Most are one piece or very heavy. The hitch mount may easily fold up and attach to the van. In addition, these are lightweight, which makes them more portable. Some feature spring-assisted folding, which allows them to fold up far easier than other models.
  3. Safety features such as nonskid treading protects you as you load the scooter or wheelchair. Look for versions with wet and dry grips for improved traction.
  4. Because they are very durable, these hitch mount ramps are also strong enough to handle a large amount of weight. Some models will handle up to 700 pounds, though you do need to check specific ramp specs for any version you’re considering.
  5. Yet another benefit is the easy installation. There is no need for a full, professional conversion of the van here. Rather, these ramps simply attach to the van via a rather simple installation process. Additionally, many fold up and easily store away, or lay flat against the door, to preserve cargo space.

For those who have a minivan or an SUV, using a hitch mounted van ramp can be ideal. Compare models before making a purchase to ensure you get a high quality ramp that meets your particular needs.