Rear Door Entry Van Ramps


Rear door van ramps allow wheelchairs and scooters of most sizes to be easily loaded into the rear of a van. They can work for both minivans and full size vehicles.

The rear door of most vehicles is larger. It also allows better access to the rear portion of the van, allowing for the wheelchair to be easily stored in this space while the individual sits in the passenger or even driver’s seat.

However, it is worth nothing that some vehicles with hatchbacks may function considerably better via the use of a hitch-based van ramp.

Who Needs Rear Door Van Ramps

This type of ramp is best suited for those who will maneuver a wheelchair or scooter with three or four wheels onto the rear of the van without a person being in that wheelchair.

If a person will be sitting in the rear of the vehicle, a lift may be a better option. If you hope to use a ramp with back of the van seating, look for an extended van ramp that allows for enough of slope for easy access. In addition, the rear of the vehicle may need to have a lowered floor to accommodate the higher seats of the wheelchair or scooter compared to the passenger seats.

The use of rear door van ramps is simple enough, but it does require that the individual select the right type of ramp.

Features to Look for in Ramps

Rear door van ramps should perfectly accommodate your needs. This justifies consideration for the following items:

  • Weight limits appropriate for the weight capacity of your wheelchair or scooter (with or without a person in the chair).  Weight capacities of 600 pounds or more may be available
  • Durable build.  We recommend ramps using high grade aluminum.
  • Safety features.  Look for nonskid treads and other protections.
  • Easy installation.  Look for van ramp that is easy to install and operate.
  • Length.  Consider the length of the ramp and be sure that it meets all safety needs, while being wide enough for the wheelchair or scooter.

When you take into consideration all of these options and features, selecting the right rear door van ramps is easy enough to do. Look at several makes and brands to ensure you are buying the highest quality for your particular needs and your budget. These van ramps range in quality considerably.