Wheelchair Van Side Door Ramps Explained


Side door ramps make wheelchair access through the side door of a minivan or van possible.  Manufacturers design these ramps to allow for easy use of the side. If the vehicle has removable seats or open space for your wheelchair or the scooter, do take advantage of this space. There are a few things to keep in mind when considering side door van ramps.

How Wheelchair Van Side Door Ramps Work

As with any other van ramp, it is important to find  a model that works with the style of your vehicle. Therefore, be certain that the ramp can properly latch to your minivan or van prior to making an investment.  You’ll also want to consider the following factors:

1.   These ramps work best with those wheelchairs and scooters that have three or four wheels. Because of the design they have, you can easily slide the wheelchair or scooter into place.

2.   The material used to build the ramp is important. You want the material to be lightweight enough to allow you to easily pick up and move the ramp. However, durability is critical. To get the best of both options, look to high-grade aluminum, which is hardened via the inclusion of other alloys.

3.   Safety is also important. Determine how the ramp stays in place when the vehicle is in operation. Most flip up and cradle the interior of the side door. Others slide or tuck away to allow access to the doorway. Side door van ramps should have nonskid treads or another high traction surface to ensure that the ramp user does not slip.

4.   Length is important. Generally, the rule is that for every inch off the ground the vehicle is, you need 12 inches of ramp to compensate. That is quite a bit. However, most side door van ramps are sold in six or seven foot lengths. If your vehicle is exceptionally high, look for special order options.

5.   Weight capacity is also an important factor.  Luckily, single fold or non-folding ramps will usually offer sufficient strength. This may give you as much as 600 pounds of weight capacity depending on the exact make and model you select.

If you need a specially-designed side door van ramp, they can be custom built to your specification.

Side door ramps are an excellent option for those using the middle of the vehicle for seating. Invest in quality to get a long lasting and practical ramp.